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Contemporary Clay Instructors Program

Monday16 November 2009

The CCIP is the brain child of Jennifer Tattam of MetalClay Australasia.  An Art Clay Silver Certified Instructor, Jen's goal is to provide a personalised instructional program that gives people the tools they required to start up their own craft business from home, and with those tools the opportunity to be their own boss.  Many people dream of making money from their passion, and with the group of experienced artists and instructors now associated with the CCIP at hand providing a support network and insights on the latest techniques and trends, it is more likely to become a reality for those who are ready and willing to give it a go.  Teaching is one of the best ways to learn, and one of the most rewarding pastimes I have had the pleasure of undertaking.  It requires little outlay compared to retailing, the payment you receive is for your time and expertise.  

For information on the Senior Training Instructors and their profiles, please see:

The certification program is a two-tiered system, starting at the very basics of working with Sculpey Premo, PMC3 and Makin's Clay, and leading up to more complex methods and uses of the three clays that we focus on.  On completion of the program you will have received a large selection of items from the Makin's Creative System, be eligible for ongoing product discounts and gain exclusive membership in a closed online forum specifically for Senior Training Instructors, Student Instructors and Artisans of the CCIP.
Each certificate is run over three days, with an exam component to be finished in your own time.  If you wish to undertake the CCIP in Victoria , please contact me to negotiate a time and venue that is suitable.

There are images of most of the projects here:

Contact me lereveur@bigpond.com

We had our inaugural gathering of Student Instructors in Sydney in September 2008, where all Student Instructors present received a gift bag of the latest Makin's Creative System products and were presented the certificates for the levels they had completed.  Each Senior Training Instructor also presented demonstrations on new products or demonstrated some of their favourite techniques. The cost of the day was a mega-reasonable $35.00 which included lunch. Attendees were invited to participate in a showcase of their entries and were awarded prizes of products (thanks to Metal Clay) and tools or finished items donated by the Senior Training Instructors.  BRONZClay was also introduced to all, and will be incorporated into the program in the future.  The day was rounded off with a delightful dinner at a Greek restaurant.

December 2008 saw the launch of the online group for the CCIP Instructors, open to anybody that has completed at least Certificate One. To date a large number of the CCIP attendees have no intention to go on and teach, but have done the course solely for their own self development.  All have agreed that the course represents great value.  The few that have gone on to teach are finding it hard work but not as nerve wracking as they thought, and immensly rewarding.  It's been a gratifying experience watching these people coming to their best.

Happy Claying!




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